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5 top reasons to renovate your Perth home.

Perth residents are proud of their properties and love to renovate them. While there are numerous reasons why home renovations are popular, there are five key reasons homeowners regularly say makes them want to add an addition to their home or remodel existing rooms.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

  2. Renovate To Sell

  3. Increase A Property’s Value

  4. Restore A Character Home

  5. Improve Eco-Friendliness

Property owners have said time and time again that at least one of the five popular reasons led them towards making the decision to improve their property. In order to fully understand the reasoning what leads a homeowner to hire a Perth renovation specialist to remodel, let’s explore each of these reasons separately.

1. Renovate Your House Because Lifestyle Or Family Changes

Life does not remain stagnant and neither should your home. Whether it is the arrival of a new bundle of joy, children getting older or teenagers wanting their own space, our families are constantly changing. Yet children are not the only reason why an adding an extension is a popular choice when renovating. With the increase in the number of small businesses within the CBD area, business owners are finding that working from home is more of a viable solution to renting an office within the CBD or another suburb. Adding a study, home office or an area to display your products to customers which is attached to your property, yet separate from your private residence is also becoming very popular.

Another reason why house additions are popular is because although owners love the location of their home, the actual building is just not suitable for their lifestyle choices. People who love to have family and friends over need a suitable entertaining space. A second storey, larger kitchen, dining room or outdoor living area are just some of the features entertainers like their properties to have.

2. Renovate Your Home Before Selling To Make It More Appealing To Buyers

When you live in a house for years, you grow used to the quirks and inconveniences it has. While we may have accepted the pitfalls within our homes, buyers are not so keen to take them on. In the challenging climate that the Australian real estate market offers us, plenty of homeowners choose to renovate their home to make it more appealing to buyers. A well designed and constructed renovation encourages a larger amount of buyer interest and number of viewings, consequently reducing the amount of time a home will stay on the market. Remodelling can also help to raise the perceived and actual value of your property, increasing the purchase price and attracting competing high offers from multiple buyers.

3. Increase Your Property Value By Renovating To Capitalise On Increased Equity

Top performing suburbs including, Hawthorn, South Perth and Bondi have seen a large jump in the value of their homes, giving owners plenty of equity to play with. This has seen many homeowners release their equity in order to make improvements to their home, which has had the positive side effect of increasing their capital value.

Other property owners are deliberately choosing to add an addition, improve the exterior or remodel part of their home to increase the value of their property. They may be doing this with an eye to selling it in the future for a higher price that it would have achieved before the renovation, or are wanting to access a larger amount of equity than what the renovation itself cost them.

4. Restore Your Character Property

With plenty of designers and historians encouraging the renovation of older properties rather than demolishing and rebuilding, owners of character homes are seeking the services of specialist renovation companies to undertake a complete restoration project for them.

Companies such as ours who specialise in undertaking renovation and extension projects right from the planning through to completion, are the best choice when choosing to invest in restoring a character home. This is because we bring everything together with one ultimate vision, ensuring your home receives the care and attention to detail it deserves, as well as the result you want.

5. Future-proof Your Home With Eco-Friendly Improvements

With Australia's climate predicted to become hotter and drier, our homes need to be able to cope with extreme temperatures and reduced water availability. One way of preparing for any future climate changes which do occur, is to renovate your existing property to make it eco-friendlier. This can include adding onto or remodelling existing buildings with the aim to improve airflow and increase your home’s ability to cool itself with minimal electricity usage.

Experienced renovation companies are knowledgeable about the different building materials on the market which are made from sustainable materials, help reduce or increase heat loss, have minimal impacts upon our environment and can reduce energy or water usage.

At Design Renovate we are Perth's renovation experts because that is all we do. Get in touch with us today and we can not only explain further about the benefits of undertaking a renovation project, but we would help bring your ideas to life to make your dream home a reality.

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