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Every client is unique. And so are their needs. 

We have a great team of creative, talented and experienced individuals on our team. But their greatest skills are being able to listen to and interpret your brief.

All of our clients are unique, so we take the time to listen to you, then produce a design that reflects your personality, your tastes and your lifestyle. 

Do you want to extend a character home in keeping with the style? Or do you want to transform an old ugly duckling into an ultramodern home? Or perhaps you want something in between that creates a contemporary space that’s both beautiful and functional? 

Whatever you desire, our team will help bring your dream to fruition. Here are just some of the factors we consider:

  • The design must reflect owners personality & lifestyle, and all elements required by the owner must be included & meet expectations

  • Everyone on the team must understand the brief

  • All site levels are correct before construction

  • Use of space delivers maximum usability and capital value

  • Investment into the right elements to deliver maximum ‘bang for your buck'

  • The design ensures long-term safety of all structures

  • Appropriate selection of materials for longevity and low maintenance

  • The design moves through council quickly, avoiding multiple revisions and delays

We design with construction in mind. 

Once we have a design that gives you the 'wow' factor, we switch into the 'how'. Because ideas are meaningless unless they can be brought to life. Our team has the know-how to guide you effortlessly through the decision-making process and turn your ideas into a reality.

Design Renovate take great pride in craftsmanship, high levels of finish and meticulous attention to details. The result is a high-quality job, from concept to completion. 

Contact Design Renovate today and chat with us about your home renovation ideas.

Design & Construction Renovating

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