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Five basic design options for home additions.

When you originally purchased your Perth home, you likely did so because it fit your needs nicely. It had the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, a functional kitchen, a comfortable living space, and more. For your life at the time, it was just right.

Of course, life changes over time. As the years go by, your circumstances are sure to change, and your needs from a house will change as well. A house that was once perfect for your needs may now be a poor fit. One option to fix this problem is to simply put your house on the market and start searching for a new place to live – but that may not be attractive for a variety of reasons. As an alternative, you could consider completing a home addition project.

Design Renovate is a Perth home renovations company that specializes in complex Perth home addition projects. We have been trusted with many Perth residential construction projects, and we would love the opportunity to work with you on your next home renovation.

Not sure what kind of home addition project would be the best choice for your needs? Following are five popular options.

Single-Room Additions

This may be one of the most popular home addition projects in Perth and around the rest of Australia. A single-room addition project is just as it sounds – a single room is added to the home to address a need that is specific to the family. Often this addition is a bedroom, but it could also be a family room, or even a small mud room at one of the entrances. It might not sound like a big deal, but adding just one room to a house can have a major effect on how well that house suits a particular family.

One of the first things to consider when thinking of adding a room to your home is land. You will need to have the land available to add this room onto your house, and you will have to fall within any code restrictions that are in place for your property (such as how close you can build to the properly line). As a contractor who is experienced with home extensions in Perth, we can help you work through the planning process to ensure that your single-room addition will be allowed by law.

Large Extension

You can think of a large extension as an expansion of the idea of adding a single room. In this case, you are going to add an entire extension to the house, where that extension will likely consist of several rooms. One possible reason for this extension is the addition of two or more kids to your family. If you moved into a small house with just your spouse and you have since had kids, you may need a new extension in order to accommodate them (with two new bedrooms and a bathroom, for instance).

Again, the major hurdle when thinking about a wing addition is going to be lot space. You will need plenty of open space to accommodate your new addition, and you will need to be able to obtain the permits to go ahead and build. Unlike some Perth home designers, we are experienced in this kind of work, so we understand exactly what it takes to get a large addition project from start to finish.

Exterior Structure Additions

Not every home addition in Perth has to be about adding interior space to your house. Sometimes, your time and money can be just as well spent in adding some exterior space to your house in the way of a new alfresco entertaining area.

Spending time outdoors is one of the favorite activities enjoyed by countless Aussies, and Design Renovate would be happy to help you add this kind of structure to your house. Not only is it great to have an exterior space to enjoy with your family on a regular basis, but outside space is also perfect for entertaining guests.

Second Story Additions

Don’t have the lot space to expand your house on the first level? You might want to look up. Depending on the current design of your home, you might be able to complete a second story addition which could greatly enlarge the overall living space that you have available. This isn’t only a good option for those with small lots – it can also work for those who have larger lots but want to keep that area as open space.

If you would prefer to not sacrifice part of your yard while still expanding the size of your home, going vertical just might be the best option. Contact the team at Design Renovate and we can help you determine if adding a second story is a viable option for your home renovations in Perth.

Small-Scale Additions

It isn’t necessary to overhaul your whole house in order to add value and function with an addition. A small-scale addition, such as the bumping-out of a wall by just a few feet, could go a long way toward making your home more liveable for your family. You just might be surprised at what a difference a few feet could make – it can make a living room more comfortable for a big family, or it could make a bedroom suitable for multiple kids.

Design Renovate leads the way in Perth home additions, and we hope to have the chance to work on your property when you decide you’re ready, and in need of, a home renovation. Whether you are looking to add just a single room or an entire wing, our team is ready to help you bring your vision to life.

Not sure what you want to do, but know that you need to do something? No problem – we will be happy to help you settle on an addition that is the perfect solution to your family’s needs. Thank you for taking the time to stop by – we look forward to hearing from you!

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