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When you compare apples with apples, one Perth renovation specialist stands out

There are plenty of important reasons to choose the right building company for your Perth home renovation project. It’s imperative to protect yourself and your home – and to choose a reputable building/renovations company you can trust. 

You’ll get a personalised home renovation.

The right builder will give you a newly renovated home that should reflect your personality, your needs, your lifestyle. So we take note of everything you tell us to create a design that is truly you. And with Design Renovate’s rigorous processes, everything is considered, with nothing left to chance.

Renovations are all we do, so we know how to look after you.

We’re not a volume home building company that dabbles in renovations. And we’re not a one-man band in a Ute. We’re a specialist renovations company that take home renovations very seriously. In fact, we’ve even developed a proprietary building and renovation system to integrate customer feedback throughout the experience so we can always listen to our customers and continue to improve our services every day.


Your entire project will be taken care of.

From concept to creation, we do all the work for you. We listen to your needs, create your desired design and choose the best materials for you. We’ll then assign you a project manager. Our team will handle everything. All you have to do is receive updates on your home improvement and give us your feedback. We’ll take care of the rest.


You’ll receive the highest quality workmanship.

We don’t say this lightly. ‘High-quality’ is an over quoted word, but we feel we give it justice. We consider ourselves the champions of first-class renovations and always challenge ourselves to deliver the highest quality finishes with flawless design. 


Get a renovation that incorporates latest techniques & trends.

Our multitalented team keep constantly updated with the latest international trends through travel, trade fairs and events, and ongoing learning. We have a passion for turning old houses into beautiful modern homes, and we’re always pushing the limits of excellence by using the most innovative techniques.


You’ll be kept safe.

We want you to feel safe in your home – and we also want to take care of our staff – which is why we comply with the strictest of safety regulations industry standards. 


Enjoy practical improvements to your home that adds value to your property.

New design doesn’t have just have to look good; it has to be practical. We want to improve your standard of living – not just for now, but for years to come. And, if the time comes to sell, you can relax knowing that your renovation has added value to your home

Choosing A Renovation Builder

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