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Adding value to your Perth home

A Carefully planned renovation can add substantial value to your Perth home.

It is easy to get excited by the thought of a home renovation project. After all, you likely spend more time at home than any other place in the world, so why not make it as comfortable and functional as possible? You should love the time you get to spend at home with family and friends, and having a house that suits your needs and matches your style will take you a big step in that direction.

However, lost in the excitement of the possibility of a home renovation can be the financial realities of the situation. You don’t want to get halfway through a renovation only to determine that it was a monetary mistake, so thinking carefully about your project ahead of time is always a wise move.

Following is a quick list of Do’s and Don’ts which will help you to make the right decisions leading up to any home renovation project so you know you are adding value to your home.

Do – Plenty of Research

This isn’t the type of project that you want to rush into, so take your time and plan each step as carefully as possible. Of course, it's essential to team up with a professional home improvement company that can 'hold your hand' through the renovation design, council approvals and renovation construction phases.

Don’t – Go Overboard

You want to make sure your Perth home renovation is a project that improves your enjoyment of the house – but it also needs to make sense in terms of long-term value when you decide to sell the house. With professional advice, careful thinking and planning, you will be able to strike a good balance that leaves you with a home renovation you love while also looking out for your overall financial situation.

Do – Partner with a Trusted Renovation Specialist

It’s not just about finding the contractor with the lowest rate. Sometimes the best rate is exactly the opposite; the price was right to start but corners will be cut, workmanship will be substandard and the overall satisfaction will be low - which means it will cost (both your time and money) more in the end.

You want a renovation company that you know will handle your home improvement project professionally, deliver to very high standard. Look for a company that’s trusted in the Perth community, whether that’s from referrals from friends and family, or from reading great reviews from happy customers.

A renovation and construction company that is trusted by your community means a lot. It shows respect and loyalty, on both parts, and that is the first thing you want when starting a long-term reno project.

Don’t – Choose a builder without Knowing Their Background

We can’t stress this enough – picking the right contractor is the single most important part of this process, so it deserves plenty of your time and attention. You’re in a rush to get started, we know, but take the time and do the research. Ask the company plenty of questions about their experience and knowledge in the world of home renovations.

Do – Address the Value Areas of Your Home

Specific areas of your house are more likely to add resale value than others. Generally the two most important areas to address are the kitchen and the bathrooms, as those are very important to prospective buyers. Additionally, the front of the house, 'curb appeal', is what will make the first impression on home buyers when your house is listed on the market, so that is another valuable area to renovate. You can certainly get a good return by renovating other areas of your home as well, but money you spend on the kitchen, bathrooms, and the front exterior are likely to lead to the greatest returns.

Don’t – Get Too Personal

One of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners who complete a home renovation project is making the work too personalized. When planning your renovation, be sure to keep in mind the opinions that other people are likely to have when they one day consider buying your house. You don’t want prospective buyers to have to completely redo the work you have done – because that will lower the overall value of your house.

If you are getting ready to take on a home renovation project, we hope you will contact the team here at Design Renovate. We have all of the necessary knowledge and experience to get the job done, and we love working with homeowners to help them bring their dreams to life. Contact us right away to get started!

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