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11 Great reasons to improve and not move! 

Our homes are special places. Places built from deeply personal memories and shared experiences. Our homes are the one place we can safely unravel and be ourselves. That’s why many of us want to put the energy into renovating to get the best out of our treasured home. And there are massive benefits to renovating your Perth home. Here are eleven advantages that may convince you to put a little more love into your home.

1. Save on stamp duty & real estate expenses.

Avoid switching to a newly purchased Perth home and you’ll save money on stamp duty, legal, registration and real estate fees, cleaning and removal fees. Plus you’ll relieve yourself from the dramas of potentially uprooting kids from their schools and recreational activities if you move too far.

2. More affordable than a new home build.

Home renovation fees in Perth can be, in most cases, cheaper than building an entirely new home – or demolishing and rebuilding. So if you haven’t got cash to burn, renovating may be a sensible option.

3. Keep your precious location.

Sometimes we just love where we live. Or we know that we’ll never find such a good location again. For example, you may love your street, your neighbours or sometimes you just know you’ll never have a property so close to a coveted coastline or spectacular riverfront. By staying put and renovating, you’re free to keep enjoying the benefits of your location, while changing what you don’t like about your house, leaving you with something even more special.

4. Create more space.

Crowded living spaces soon lose their charm. Tempers fray and stresses mount, particularly for those with a growing family. Creating extra space through home extensions allows you to live together harmoniously, enjoying home life rather than fighting your way through it.

5. Increased value.

There’s no doubting that a good home renovation will add economic value to your Perth family home. If you’d like to sell your home for a higher price, or access a larger amount of equity, a clever renovation will do the trick.

6. Increased selling price.
If you’re going to sell your home, remember that potential buyers may not look at your home through the same forgiving eyes as you. Over time, you’ve become used to the quirks and pitfalls, but others may not be so keen. In today’s competitive market, many are choosing to make the most of their property by undergoing some home improvement before they go to market. This can help raise the perceived price of your home and attract a larger amount of offers from multiple buyers.

7. Improve eco-friendliness (and save money).

Energy bills are not getting cheaper. And with our climate predicted to become hotter, it’s essential our homes can cope with these extreme temperatures efficiently and economically. Renovating your existing house to make it eco-friendly is a smart choice in the long run. Existing buildings can be remodelled while new extensions can be designed to require minimal heating or cooling.

8. Keep your memories.

You don’t need to leave precious memories behind. Maybe this is your children’s first home, maybe you’ve made wonderful friends here or built a beautiful garden. By renovating, you can keep your memories – and the parts of your home that you love. Instead, simply fix the parts that are “not quite right”

9. Restore a character home.

Many people are keen to seek out some of the wonderful character homes tucked away in Perth suburbs such as Cottesloe, Fremantle, Victoria Park and Mount Lawley. Today, owners of such Perth houses are actively encouraged by both designers and historians to renovate these valuable designs, rather than demolish and rebuild.

When restoring a character home, it is essential that you give it the love and attention it needs, and hire a company that can cover the project from concept to completion, giving you peace of mind, as well of the results you want.

10. Enjoy creating a customised home.

With Design Renovate, before you even start your Perth renovation project, we will take the time to discuss what you want and need, before our talented designers come up with ideas tailor-made for you. The designs, materials, services and colours will all be chosen to be as you exactly want them – not anybody else.

11. More time with friends and family.

Despite any maths or practical issues, for many, the greatest motivator for renovating is creating a beautiful Perth home, customised just the way you wanted, that you can enjoy for years with family and friends.


Contact Design Renovate today and chat with us about your home renovation ideas.

Benefits Of Renovating Your Perth Home

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